Information Technology

What is Information Technology?

What is Information Technology?

In the field of Business Dictionary, what is information technology is defined as, “A set of processes, tools, and methods (including code/orthogication, data communication, information conversion, data storage, retrieval and synthesis, network communications, system software) used to gather, manipulate, store, transfer, analyze, process, and present data in a reliable and efficient manner.” This definition of what is information technology can help you understand what the importance of it really is. Business Dictionary further states, that this definition is not only applicable in the business world but also in the information technology world as well. Thus, one can conclude that business dictionary really provides a lot of information on this matter.


There are several benefits of information technology to the business world. As we all know that the business world consists of so many things; computers, business management, finance, marketing, supply chain management etc. Nowadays, these have become so complex that it is almost impossible for businessmen to manage them with the traditional processes. The importance of information technology can help businessmen to manage all of them without affecting their productivity, without affecting their cost, without affecting their operations etc. Business dictionary defines information technology as: “A combination of information systems, specifically communication technologies such as computer networks, digital communication media, telecommunications, applications, documentation and product development.” With this definition, now you can easily see how important information technology is to the business world.

benefit of information technology

The first and the foremost benefit of information technology is its convenience. With the widespread use of information technology, today businessmen no longer need to go and visit the office just to gather information. With the help of computers, they can gather information from the internet or from the social networks. They can even store the same information in their computers or external storage devices. No matter how much data they want to collect, they don’t need any physical storage space to keep their information.


The second benefit of information technology is that it has simplified business. With the invention of information technology tools like the word processing, spreadsheets and emails, it has become easier to manage the daily lives of people. Now, managing businesses has become as simple as managing a computer and its applications.


Next, the three disadvantages of information technology should also be taken into consideration. These disadvantages are mainly associated to the economy. The first disadvantage of information technology in the business world is that it has reduced the scope of business as well as employment.

drawback of information technologies

Another drawback of information technologies is its limitation to specific fields. Now, if someone wants to use online article writing services, he cannot use the same tools like article writing software and reference services which are used when employing writers in a traditional business setting. The fourth disadvantage is associated to the way information technology has become popularized. The way information technologies have become popularized is because of the availability of internet resources.


One disadvantage of information technology is that it still continues to be in its early stages. What is worrying is the rapid development that information technology is experiencing. Other than computers and the internet, there are other tools like mobile phones, wearable technology, electronic books and other electronic media that are transforming our everyday lives.


So, what is information technology? The importance of information technology is something that we cannot deny. Not only does it make one’s tasks simple and convenient, but it also makes one’s life easier. Many people do not realize the importance of having access to the internet and how it can simplify their lives. In the end, what is important is the fact that information technology has made everyday lives easier and more convenient.

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