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Review about new 5G Network technology

5G Network technology is gaining ground in the world over time. And all the things that were impossible before, now it seems possible. And if we talk on mobile, the internet is very slow, but with the advent of the 3G network, the journey of hours turned into minutes. And when the 4G network came it doubled the speed of the internet.

After 4G networks, 5G network is ready to step into the world of mobile phone. But it is delayed for a few security reasons. To remove this companies are ready to check the security of their 5G network and mobile.

China’s busy companies namely Huawei and ZTE: 5G devices face the most difficulties, on the other hand, more and more international connected users are starting to feel bored with 4G, And eagerly await the 5G network technology.

5G internet is being used in South Korea which is self-produced. And they are succeeding in this project. ATeT or Verizon according to these two companies, the 5G network will be introduced in the coming years, and the speed of the 5G network will be faster than other networks. It will be even faster than broadband internet.

5G is a very fast technology. If you have to download movies on Netflix, its video streaming speed will be faster. This will create a case. Games will also be downloaded very soon. Currently, fiber optic technology is being used, but after the 5G network, the physical cable will not be required. For this, federal will be imposed in every area.

5G has not yet been fully implemented in Pakistan, only Zong’s company has tested it. And they have succeeded in this project. But the government has not allowed it yet. That means it will take a few years for 5G to be fully implemented.

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