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Hyperloop : Cutting through the hype

Hyperloop is a proposed new mode of transportation that moves quickly:

Hyperloop is a proposed new mode of transportation that moves quickly, safely, on-demand, and direct from origin to destination. Hyperloop will see individual low capacity (28-40 people) magnetically levitated pods propelled at high speeds (c,760 mph) through an extremely low pressure (100 Pascal), low friction environment contained within a tube system.Hyperloop : Cutting through the hype

The hyperloop concept was popularized by Elon Musk in a white paper “HyperLoop Alpha” (2013), which proposed building a hyperloop between san Francisco to Los Angeles as an alternative to the purposed California high-speed rail development since then, the concept and technology have been ambitiously adopted and advanced at pace, by a number of companies across the world such as virgin HyperLoop one and HyperLoop Transport Technologies, with the aim to commercialize it by 2021. Feasibility studies are underway for the implementation of hyperloop in many countries including the USA, France, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Sweden, China, and the UK within the UK, virgin HyperLoop one has been exploring a number of routes, the forerunners being Liverpool to glass gown and London to Edinburgh.

The value proposition of Hyperloop is to provide high-speed terrestrial-based travel for small-ticket prices and low energy that can rival transnational flights and rail, Rob LIOYD, CEO of virgin HyperLoop one, stated “we will move people and goods at very high speeds, with very little energy, no noise pollution, all of which gives us something that is ultimately fasters, safer, cheaper and greener than other current transportation alternatives. It is thought that HyperLoop could disrupt the transportation market in much the same way as uber did for taxis. Hyperloop: Cutting through the hype

Hyperloop Transportation System:

Hyperloop is a proposed transportation system for traveling between Los Angeles, California, and San Francisco, California in 37 minutes The HyperLoop consists of several distinct components including:


A sealed capsule carrying 28 passengers each that travel along the interior of the tube depart on average every two minutes from Los Angeles or San Francisco (up to every Thirty seconds during peak usage hours)

A large system has also been sized that allows the transport of 3 full-size automobiles with passengers to travel in the capsule.

The capsule is separated within the tube by approximately 23 miles (37KM) on average during operation.


The tube is made of steel. Two tubes will be welded together in a side-by-side configuration to allow the capsules to travel in both directions.

Solar arrays will cover the top of the tubes in order to provide power to the system.


Linear accelerations are constructed along the length of the tube at various locations to accelerate the capsules.

Rotors are located on the capsules to transfer momentum to the capsules via the linear accelerators.

There will be a station in Los Angeles and San Francisco several stations along the way will be possible with splits in the tube.

The majority of the route will follow 1-5 and the tube will be constructed on the median.

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