What is Cyber Security? And Types off Cyber Attacks

Cyber Security With the advancement of technology, today computers, and the internet are being used in almost every field. Today all our work is done through the internet. Money transactions are also done online users devices such as computer laptop tablets mobile phone or all other smart devices stay connected to the internet. The internet is being used all over the world Millions of users are using it also it is very important to pay attention to the security of users on the internet. This is because the news of fraud hacking virus attack and data theft continuous to reach the internet.

That’s why it has become so important to provide security to user data.

Cybersecurity is used to protect internet users’ data is provided. In which security of user data is provided. Cybersecurity is a kind of security that is for systems connected to the internet. Hardware and software data are modern even more secure through the internet to strengthen cybersecurity so that no data of any kind is stolen and all documents and files are safe today cybersecurity is being used all over the world to prevent cybercrime. Hackers steal essential files and data and demand money in return cybercrime is the act of harming someone by missing the internet.

Cybercriminals or hackers used computer and internet technology dangerous use of user information. Cybercrime includes blackmails copyright credit cart theft and fraud. Cybersecurity is designed to protect the data of internet users from hackers and cybercrime there are computer and internet expertise for cybersecurity  Cybersecurity means that the file we keep online mobile data and all the information we provide online should be safe in addition to the network and the application must be secure.

Today we see that the world is immersed in the internet in such a way that it is doing everything through the internet Companies are saving more and more information through the internet and we all shop online with the help of our credit cards. This puts our data and information at risk and there is no way to guarantee that our information is always safe therefore cybersecurity laws have been enacted in every country to prevent cybercrime. the aim is to curb cybercrime.

Types of Cyber Attacks


You may have heard of computer viruses which are malware programs that are designed to impair computer functions these viruses copy themselves at the right time and spread through the system can steal data.


The hacker creates a program through the ads and when a user downloads this software the hacker accesses the user’s computer with the help of this software or deletes certain data and files.

Trojan horse:

Trojan horse is also a malware program. It controls our system unlike other viruses Trojan horse cannot create its own copy but it can install in the system which can lock the system.


It is a kind of virus that can be used to attack people’s systems and computers it can do a lot of damage to the files in the computer and then cybercrime steals the data.

Phishing Email:

The use of phishing emails is usually stolen from users to obtain private information and this is a kind of fraud in which fraudulent emails are sent to peoples such mails are meant to steal important data,

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