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Standing Committee on IT Directs PTA and NADRA to Form a Plan Against Illegal SIM Cards

The Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunications has directed Pakistan Telecommunications Authority and NADRA to bring a course of action to prevent the illegally issued Mobile SIMs.

The Committee expressed its concern on the detached mindset of each department for not complying with its guidelines after the lapse of sizable time.

The Committee turned into apprised that PTA had brought stringent measures to test the illegal issuance of SIMs and problems had been extensively reduced. The PTA consultant is knowledgeable that PTA had also taken punitive movement in opposition to Mobile operators whose income facilities or franchises were found involved inside the issuance of SIMs without gratifying mandatory requirements and verification.

The Committee also decided to name the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) withinside the next meeting of the Committee to discuss issues related to cybercrimes. The Committee determined that FIA turned into lagging at the back of in curtailing cybercrimes because of its capacity issues. The Committee also decided to name the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in its next meeting to speak about Media Development Authority Ordinance. Some of the committee members expressed their issues at the Ordinance and termed it an try to comprise the boom of social media.

The Mover contended that PTA had now no longer been capable of preventing such content material which had destroyed the social material and additionally created intolerance withinside the society.

The PTA Representative apprised that the Authority had taken stringent measures to dam such content, however, due to technological constraints and obstacles of the content material hosted by the websites offshore, movement can’t be taken. He was apprised that PTA turned into continuously in contact with all social media platforms and moves had been taken from time to time. He stated that movements have been initiated in opposition to violators beneath neath cybercrime laws.

When asked if a few pornographic websites are going for walks while anti-religious content material is coming, what’s being done to prevent it. PTA member Khawar Khokhar told the committee that under PECA law, PTA block content material and FIA is investigating. We have given get right of entry to 38 companies for registering whinge and we can put off the content material. All pornographic web websites in Pakistan are closed.

Related web sites from outdoor are being close on our grievance. All the objectionable content material is on platforms that aren’t in Pakistan. block a hyperlink on YouTube, but can close down YouTube. We ship our grievance to youtube, Twitter, or Facebook, and that they put off it again but they do not ought to comply with it. We are speaking with youtube and Twitter and Facebook to preserve their representatives in Pakistan, if their consultant is in Pakistan, it will be easier to enforce it, he stated.

The Federal Secretary IT told the committee that social media regulations had been made, a committee turned into the installation to check them, the regulations are being revised, and that they had been despatched to the Law Division to wit the regulations. The chairman of the status committee directed the ministry to publish a file every 3 months on blockading blasphemous and obscene material.

The Committee pended dialogue on The Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization) (Amendment) Bill, 2020, and The Electronic Transactions (Amendment) Bill, 2019 moved via way of means of Amjid Ali Khan, MNA until its subsequent assembly.

The assembly turned into attended via way of means of MNAs; Sahibzada Sibghatullah, Mr. Sher Ali Arbab, Makhdoom Zain Hussain Qureshi, Muhammad Abdul Ghafar Wattoo, Muhammad Aslam Khan, Nusrat Wahid, Muhammad Hashim, Ali Gohar Khan, Romina Khurshid Alam, Maize Hameed, Shamim Ara Panhwar,

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